Daily Service: Every morning at 7.00am, Every evening at 6.00pm

The morning and evening services are conducted every day at the UK Centre.
At the morning service, we express our gratitude for the gift of life given by God's complete providence and pray for blessings to keep us in good health and free of troubles. At the evening service, we reflect on ourselves, thank God for guiding us through the day and ask God for continued blessings tomorrow.

Service Practice: upon requests

We are taught that the Service is the ultimate means of universal salvation. We practice the Hand with Dance Movements and the musical instruments for the service, taking as much opportunity as possible.


Monthly Service: Every 1st Sunday at noon

The Monthly Service takes place at the Tenrikyo UK Centre every first Sunday of each Month. After the Service there is usually a sermon followed by Divine Healing session and a tea party. There is also the opportunity to have a discussion, practise the Service instruments and the Dance with Hand Movements for the service.

Ladies Meeting

The Ladies Meeting usually takes place every month and is a chance for ladies to practise the service and do Hinokishin together. 17 Feb (11am), 17 Mar (7pm), 16 Jun (7pm), 15 Sep (7pm), 19 Oct (11am), 16 Nov (11am)

Joy Workshop: 26 March, 24 June

The Joy Workshop is a 2 hour interactive basic introduction for beginners.

Weekend Seminar: 25 & 26 March, 24 & 25 June

The Weekend Seminar takes place a number of weekends a year. It is designed to learn the basic teachings and come in touch with the faith during the overnight stay. It also provides an opportunity of receiving the Osazuke (Divine Grant).

Children's Fun Day : 8 April 2018 10am - 4pm

The UK Centre holds the Children's Fun Day regularly. Children enjoy various programmes such as games, songs, drawing, and hand dance/musical instrument practice.


New Year's Day Service: 1st January

At the New Year's Day, we perform the Service to express our gratitude to God for the blessings we received the past year as well as to pray for continued protection and guidance throughout the New Year.

Hinokishin Day: Sunday 29th April 2pm at Hyde Park

"Hinokishin" is spontaneous action that expresses our gratitude for God the Parent's providence. In order to promote the spirit of hinokishin, the UK Centre holds the "Hinokishin Day" at Hyde Park. We will be gathering near Speakers Corner Café. Nearest Tube: Marble Arch (Central Line). There is also an underground Car Park. This year will be our 32nd year to do litter picking Hinokishin at Hyde Park! We will supply Gloves, Black bags, Tongs and T Shirts!

Nioigake Day: Sunday 30 September at 2pm

"Nioigake" means to sprinkle the fragrance of our joy of faith in God the Parent.The UK Centre holds the "Nioigake Day" and conveys the wonderful teachings to as many people as possible.

Joyous Life Lecture: 11th November (Sun)

This annual event takes place in London and Leeds with special guest speaker. This is an introductory lecture for those who have yet heard of the teaching. This event also provides with a Sazuke session where the Sazuke, the Divine Grant, is administered to those who suffer from illnesses.

This year the lecture is entitled "Letters from God" and will be conducted on Sunday 11th November at The Wesley Euston Hotel. The lecturer is Rev. Masahiro Yamaguchi, the Head Minister of Seigido Branch Church. The registration will begin at 1.30pm for 2pm start.

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